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Isaac is now Two!! December 30, 2008

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Isaac Robert


Here he is, Isaac.  Once known as Cricket, sometimes as The Goat, Bobby, Buddy, Little Man.  (I’m sure I’m missing some from his first year of life.)  Two years old.  A toddler.  2.  So much changes from one to two!  He has followed in his older brother’s footsteps, and always has lots to say.  He’s a mover and a climber, not afraid of too much, a brute, (says Skipper), a lover, a hugger and a kisser, one with a full range of emotions that are all fully expressed throughout the day at different times.  🙂  


Isaac.  What does he love?  Mommy.  Mommy.  Mommy.  Other things…pealing the paper off of crayons.  Dogs.  Wrestling with Gabe.  Hugging Digger or Seville.  Playing hide-and-go-seek games with Daddy.  He’s actually quite good, you know.  Very good at being quiet while he’s hiding.  Which is weird because he can be quite loud most of the time.  Louder than the other three of us.  We have no idea where he gets his pair of lungs from.  Which reminds me.  He likes to sing…loves music.  Always has.  


Food.  Peanut butter and jelly…or, “lunch”, as he calls it.  Oatmeal cooked with a banana.  Juice!  He’ll eat my Masoor Dal.  Pizza is always a good dinner.  Fruit bars!  


Words of note.   “Pell” = smell.  “Poofvy” = smoothie.  I guess the “sm” sound is a tricky one for him.  So cute when he says those words though.  


Birthday cake was baked by Daddy, frosted by Mommy and decorated by Daddy.  It was Elmo.  Simple birthday with Grammie and Skipper at their place.  Pizza and cake and presents.  Oh yes, he got a “hockitter” from Grammie and Skipper.  If you can figure what that is, leave a comment.  It’s funny!  


Two.  That he is.  We love you Isaac Robert!!!



Funny times… October 24, 2008

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The Monster Dance




Daddy Shoes



Our NY cousins…in midst of Fall beauty. October 16, 2008

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Gabe is 4! October 2, 2008

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Gabriel Mullins Righter is officially four years old!  As his mom, it was interesting how my mind automatically started reminiscing, reliving you could say, each important hour before, during and after his birth, as I passed through them starting two nights ago.  Now I know why Mom, every year, without fail almost, calls us to let us know: “this is when I started labor, or this is when I started walking those stairs”, ( I can’t remember each kid’s specific scenario).  It’s been four years and its clear as day in my mind!  

This is the first year where Gabe really seems to be into “his story” as I retell it.  He also has been VERY excited about his birthday.  He knows when his birthday is now….September 30th.  He was able to “write” a list of birthday wishes.  This year it included a gorilla set remote control, and various other remote control things.  (I’m still trying to figure out the gorilla one…his imagination takes us to many places never before imagined!)

Just to explain the theme for this year’s party, Gabe loves “American” stuff.  American can be translated to military camouflage, soldiers, etc.  No use trying to explain that we are all Americans, as well as soldiers.  Well, maybe he is starting to differentiate, but its not quite consistent.  He is starting to say camouflage more now.  So, this year we came up with the idea to have a camouglage theme party.  (This is my first theme party, and it was fun, I must say.)  Enough said.  Enjoy the pics and videos!




Isaac – English Dictionary…first addition September 11, 2008

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Babriel:  (N) Gabriel                                     

Bice:  (n) the pacifier 

Belle:  (N) Seville, (or Digger)

Nono: ( no no)  (n) banana

Pillar:  (n) catepillar

Noor:  all gone

Onion:  all done

…and my favorite one of all!…Foffers:  (n)  flowers

Chocky:  (n) chocolate, (recently learned word)

Pocky:  (n) pocket







Funny videos of Gabe and Isaac

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Gabe and Isaac seem to have many ways of being goofy, sometimes surprising me with their cleverness, though I hang out with them everyday.  Here are some videos of the fun from this summer.  (It was fun being a kid, wasn’t it?)   Oh!  By the way…can you believe the first day of Fall is just around the corner?

Playing in the rain: Part I

Playing in the rain: Part II

Cockroach stew

Mischevious Gabe


Isaac’s first hair cut. July 1, 2008

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At 19 1/2 months, Isaac has finally had his first haircut.  I suppose the curls in the back were just getting too pretty.  🙂  So he has a big boy cut, but he’s still our little Cricket Bear.